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Top 3 Russian Traditional Food

To date and marry a girl from Russia, you can enjoy the wonders of different culture. The tasting of food is one aspect.

In history the harsh climate, the economy and religion in Russia had great influence upon Russian food. Before the 16th century religion had a great impact upon the diet of Russian people because the religion fast was stringent . They had to have vegetarian diets and endure the torments of hunger. There, of course, was no attention on delicious food. Until the Book Keep Order In Family was published after 16th centuries, people began to improve dietary habits and enjoy food. The Russian traditional food and people’s unique diet began to develop.

Russian bread and salt

Bread And Salt

Bread and salt is food and a sign of hospitality as well. In the past it was the main meal in Russia. Through the years, Russian people regard it as a welcome to the guests to show their generosity and kindness. In Russian traditions this custom is notable to place bread and salt in the prominent points of the dinner table. If you travel Russia and have meals with Russian hosts, you will find that there is bread and salt in the dinning table of every family. Russian Traditions Bread

Russian bread varies in great varieties. There are long, round, oblate and all kinds. The most common bread is called белый and the second is ржаной. Ржаной, the rye bread is nutritious and delicious. It has been the most popular food among most Russians. They spread butter or top bread with eggs, fish, meats or fish.

Russian Pies And Pancakes
Russian Pies And Pancakes

Russian Pies And Pancakes

Pies and pancakes are the most popular snack food. Pancakes once were the main food for the reception and feasts. It is not big and its filling is not too much with few green onions and little beef.

Russian Pelmeni
Russian Pelmeni




Russian Pelmeni

The shape of Russian pelmeni is the same with Ukrainian’s and Poland’s. But the fillings are different. It is very special with mushrooms, onions, pickled vegetables. With thin skin and rich fillings Russian pelmeni will lure you to taste it again and again.

For those who are meeting and dating Russian girls online, you will not only love the special Russian beauty but also love Russian traditional food.




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