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Tasty Russian Cuisines Make Beautiful Russian Women

Russian cuisines

Just like most western countries, bread, milk, potatoes, beef, pork and vegetables are the main food of Russian people. Actually most Russian cuisines come from France, Poland and Italy, and then are changed and improved according to the characteristics of their own diet, forming the tasty and healthy Russian dishes today, which make a great number of hot Russian women.
Because it’s very cold in Russia and people need more calories to keep themselves warm, most dishes in Russia are oily and greasy. Garlics and onions are essential and basic elements of the Russian food. Besides they pay attention to antipasto. The cold dishes served before main food are fresh with a little sour and salty taste, such as pickle cucumbers.

Russian breakfast

If you want to date Russian women and ask her out for a dinner, you may like to find out what they eat in daily life. Russian breakfast is generally a ham sandwich or cheese sandwich with tea, coffee or milk. Then there comes the rich Russian lunch. It usually includes three dishes. Before the main food, cold dishes are served. The first dish is the thick soup with potatoes, meat and some vegetable. After that fish or other meat comes up, which always goes with mashed potatoes, chips, pickle vegetable, noodles or pasta. Finally there are some cakes or desserts with tea, coffee or juice. And its dinner is similar with lunch. Frankly speaking, what Russian people eat is little different from French food. In this case, it must be not wrong for you to take your beautiful Russian lady to a French restaurant for a romantic dinner.

delicious Caviar

Here are some typical Russian dishes.
Caviar. It is one of the most delicious food in the world. Most caviars are from salmons and the beautiful color of the dish looks inviting and tempting, and the way to eat this tasty food is special and needs skills. No matter in Russian or other part of the world, caviar has always been a boutique, luxury in the table, which is only in some food stores in Russia. And it is always the favourite for the Russian singles possessing high social positions.

Moscow red soup

Moscow red soup with beef and vegetable. It is a homely dish in Russia and gets welcomed in a lot of Russian restaurants, which tastes a litlle sour and great. Besides, it is not expensive and people going for Russian food always order this dish. Good choice for your dnner menu with your hot Russian girl.

Stewed beef and potatoes

Stewed beef and potatoes. In fact, this dish can be seen at the table in many countries. However, Russian stewed beef and potatoes has its own characteristics. It puts beef, potatoes,tomatoes, onions and other ingredients to cook this dish. And it turns out to be more like a soup because it has a lot of pottage.

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