Visit Odessa Opera House With Ukrainian Girlfriend

Take Your Ukraine Single Girl To Odessa Travel

In Ukraine, there is a custom that beautiful Ukrainian brides and their bridegroom go sightseeing for their honeymoon on their wedding day. If you get married to your beautiful Ukraine girl, you should read this article about Odessa travel with your girlfriend. No matte you have been to Odessa or not, this article is worth of your reading.

Visit Odessa Opera House With Ukrainian Girlfriend
Visit Odessa Opera House With Ukrainian Girlfriend

Have A Glance At Odessa

If your Ukrainian girlfriend lives in Odessa, that is better. If not, it is Ok. Odessa is an important port city. As the 4th largest city in Ukraine, it was founded by the order of Katherine the Second. Located in the south of Ukraine, it has a population of more than one million. It is full of beautiful things and interesting stories. The streets look like an art gallery. With unique architecture, beautiful sea, green parks, historical sites and more, it is fascinating to visitors.

Wonders To Visit With Ukrainian Girlfriend

There are some great places you should and must visit. One is the Potemkin Stairs. It is the symbol of Odessa. Because with 142-meter-high stairs it looks like the big entrance to Odessa. It is famous for its optical illusion the extraordinarily high stairs create. It seems longer if you look at it from below and seems the road to Heaven. If you seen from the top of it, you cannot see any steps and it becomes very short. The long road can symbolize your love journey and witness your true love for your Ukraine hot girl. The other one is the famous Opera House. Odessa Opera House was included into a list of the most important sights in Eastern Europe. It has modern building, luxurious audience hall and unique acoustics. Its main entrance faces the sea and there are beautiful sea sceneries. It opened in 1810 but it was destroyed in 1873. Later, with more than 50 years, it was rebuilt. In 1887 it was reopened. In addition, it also means the rich art and musical culture of Ukraine. You can rich and creative biographies of many art people, musicians, and dancers.

Potemkin stairs
Potemkin stairs

Of course, there are more to write about the beautiful city. The two spots are the most famous edifices in Odessa. If you don’t have much time, first put aside some time to visit these two great places of interest. So the content of this article is enough for your honeymoon with your girl from Ukraine. Prepare right now for your wedding and honeymoon.

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