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Taboos You Should Know When Dating Russian Girl

Different countries have different customs and traditions. And it is common to see that people make stupid mistakes or get involved into embarrassments because of cultural differences. If you are dating a Russian girl or are going to find a hot Russian bride, you’d better read the following information carefully. Because it can help you to find out what you should not do during the communications with your Russian beauty, avoid awkward moments and improves the relationship.

Taboos on social activities.

  • Do not cross hands before your chest.
  • Do cross hands before your chest.
  • Do not point others with your forefinger.
  • Do not shake hands across the doorsill.
  • Do not kiss the hand of unmarried single Russian women. As for greeting manner, most Russian people shake hands when meeting for the first time, and friends can kiss each other in the cheek, then elders can kiss the foreheads of young people.
  • Do not talk the appearance of Russian lady or ask her age or salary at the first date.
  • Do not over flatter her because she doubts your sincerity.
  • Do not celebrate her birthday before her birthday in advance. Something unexpected may happen any time, so do misfortune and good fortune. Russian people think it is not good to celebrate birthday before the date. They are afraid it will bring bad luck to them before the birthday. It is the same to that never congratulate pregnant woman before giving birth to baby.
  • Do not be late for family dinner. You will be allowed to show up less than 15 minutes later than the scheduled time.

Taboos on number.

  • Thirteen and Friday. It is quite understandable for people from western countries. In the Bible, Jesus invited twelve disciples to the Last Supper and Judas was the thirteenth guest, then the Crucifixion of Jesus occurred Friday. So these numbers carry no good sign. Russians will avoid holding important activities in the 13th of every month or on Friday.
  • Even number. Russian people do not like even numbers, which means bad fortune in some way. Therefore, remember to sent your Russian woman odd numbers of flowers to show love and romance.
  • Never marry in May. No good marriage in May. The one who gets married in May regrets for all his life time.
  • Seven is good. Seven is a great and sacred number in Russia, which means happiness, success, prosperity and safety. As you know, there are seven days in a week, seven colors in a rainbow and God creates the world with seven days. They love seven. In that case, June 7th , 2007 should be¬† the best day for marriages of beautiful Russian women. Maybe you can get married with your Russian lady on the coming June 7th , 2012.


Taboos on gifts.

  • No candles.
  • No black cat.
  • No knife or sharp metal stuff. It will bring unhappiness to the family on receiving those gifts.
  • No gloves. According to the ancient Russians, people would send gloves to each other before the duel or fight. So sending gloves is a signal of beginning a fight.
  • No yellow flowers. Yellow is not welcomed in this country. It symbolizes disloyalty. Their favourite color is blue, which indicates friendship. You should be aware of that you send hot Russian women the flowers with any color but yellow.
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Kevin Watson

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