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I’ve been so busy lately here in Russia that I hadn’t had any time to get out into the dating scene in over a year. I wanted a way to access potential dates without having to break my heavy work schedule that I’m trying to maintain. allowed me to take a look into the lifestyle of the online dating scene and let me message different people to try and get to know them. I was hooked instantly!

I love the layout of the website and how easy it was to interact with other people on the website. The messaging system is straight forward and easy to use. Also, I love that they implemented profiles, profile pictures, and a bio section to let people know more about the type of person that you are.

One of the biggest upsides is how professional this website is laid out. Everything is sleek, easy to use, and simple to navigate. People of all walks of life and computer experience can sign up on and learn how to use it in minutes.

The one issue, and this isn’t a big issue, is how many people there are! I was bombarded by beautiful people and I simply couldn’t pick one over the other. This website really has it all and attracts many wonderful people from all over Russia.

The key selling point to me was the messaging services and the video chatting programs. It really let’s you get to know the other person before you meet them in person. In the past, I’ve found people I wanted to meet up with only to find out they didn’t act or look anything like their profile described. The video chat allows you to get more intimate with the other person before hand.

My experience with was great! I loved meeting new people, chatting, and learning about their personalities. If you’re looking to get back into the dating scene then you really should consider Their website is easy to use, sleek, has tons of social features, and let’s you review your matches for free. I never thought there would be a website that could match me up with other people based on the needs and wants of myself. Try this website out today for yourself!

Joshua Evans

Joshua Evans

Evans is a professional US online dating website reviewer. He has tried many online dating websites. He knows the quality of each online dating website and can review the website from various aspects of the user. Hope people find the right international dating website with those reviews.

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