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Russian Woman Dancing Like A Dark Swan

Do you like dancing? How about ballet? Well, I can guess that most people love dancing even though they are not so good at it, but when it comes to ballet, people tend to appreciate it rather than do it. Because it is a very beautiful and classical performance but meanwhile it’s extremely difficult to be a good ballet dancer. However, hot Russian women seem to enjoy the challenge. They make Russian a famous ballet kingdom with their beautiful, elegant and exquisite performance.
The Rise of Ballet.
It is said that the most original ballet is derived from Italy and is further developed in France and Russian during 1500s-1600s. It was a kind of self-entertained performance among folks, and then during the fifteenth century, it was the great time of Italian Renaissance and this special dance was brought into the Italian imperial courts. In the seventeenth century, it was spreaded to the French courts because of the marriage of Italian princess Catherine de’ Medici with King Henry II of France. And it had got its name that what we call today, ballet, in France. While when we are talking about the origin of ballet, we can not ignore the very significant man and also great dancer, King Louis XIV of France. He was a crazy dancing lover. In 1661, he set up the first dancing school in the world, the Royal Dance Academy, and he had been on the stage as the leading role in about twenty six ballet performances including the great work, The Sun King. But unfortunately he left the stage because of over-weight issues. ¬†Similar to western dramas, the early ballet was just for men. The female roles in the performance were played by male performers too. And then women show up in the stage, ballet skirts became shorter and the shoes were changed to be flat and soft. At last ballet turns to be the world of women. And then we have honour to enjoy the beautiful ballets performanced by women, especially the hot, sexy single Russian women.
Russian lady dancing in the most beautiful dance ballet.

Ballet In Russian
The first Russian dance school was built in 1738. Since the second half of the 19th century, the European romanticism on ballet went down and most people headed forward to Russia, where ballet was popular and developed well at that time. Some masterpieces that are still well known today were composed at in the 19th century, such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. During these periods, Russian gradually dominated the ballet world and developed the most beautiful and classical ballet with Russian features.

Swan lake first at stage in 1877
Famous Ballet Dancers
Most famous and excellent ballet dancers and performers are beautiful Russian women. Most of them are graceful, elegant and of course hot, sexy. I do not know whether it is ballets that make them beautiful or these Russian singles who make ballets exquisite. Maybe both. Well, let’s find out who’s the Russian ballerina.
Ekaterina Maksimova at the stage
Ekaterina Maksimova
ina Ananiashvili in the ballet Gisele
Swan Lake by Uliana Lopatkina

Uliana Lopatkina

Polina Semionova at stage
Polina Semionova

All in all, beautiful ballet dance, beautiful Russian women.Read more about Russian beauties.



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