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Merry Russian Orthodox Christmas

Christmas is the biggest universal festival in the western world, while for the Russian people believing in Orthodox regard Christmas the second big festival after Easter. 25th December is the great date of Christmas for Catholic, but Russian orthodox will take 7th January as their special Christmas day and that day is also the winter solstice in Russia. The Russian Christmas has a distinctive national character , reflecting a nation’s point of view , traditions , customs and habits. If you want to date Russian women, you should open your eyes to this big festival in Russia.

Huge Russian Christmas tree

On 6th January, the very day before Russian Christmas, Orthodox Christians must be fasting all day till the evening. And the dinner for that night is the Christmas goose. People will buy a slaughtered goose without internal organs in it from shops or supermarkets around 20th December, and put apples, bread, onion into the goose belly and add a variety of condiments to bake it, finally it comes out to be a very delicious food. Besides, church priests and believers are saying prayers all night to express thanks to God and hold the cross and lamps parading around the church and farmhouses. That atmosphere is so solemn and holy.

Christmas dinner

Christmas is still essential decoration for the New Year and Christmas whether in western world or Russia, which is a symbol of health and longevity. Many public places in Moscow , such as the Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, supermarkets, would like to set up a huge Christmas tree up to a story building. Beautiful Russian women feel like to decorating the tree. They will hang the fruit and sugar wrapped in aluminum foil, paper-cut animals, fancy lantern and color beads around the Christmas tree. Some parents even invite Santa Claus and Snow beauty to send gifts to kids. In the memories of a lot of children, Santa Claus is a generous and kind old man, who always bring gifts and joy to kids.

Russian Santa Claus and Snow Beauty

Apart from receiving gifts from parents, kids holding self-made stars will go to neighbours celebrating the holiday from house to house. They will first say prayers of praise Christ and throw some cereal seeds the house and owners, blessing the family live a better life in future.
While young people have a good time on singing Christmas songs. Russian singles always find their love in this joyful way. Singing Christmas wish songs is believed to be a holy activity that can bring happy and healthy life to people. Young people will sing songs at the window and the host must go outside to accept the blessing and welcome the singers into the house.
Therefore, compared to western countries, the Russian Christmas is a more religious than commercial festival. And more young people like to join in the big day and make it more popular and happier in Russia.

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