outlook Review outlook, or more commonly known as AFA which stands for A Foreign Affair, is without a doubt the best foreign dating and marriage website available. The features that it offers are endless and it is estimated that seven engagements each and every day are due to the connections made at AFA. If you are looking for a foreign bride and can afford to spend some money then this site is a must.

AFA has some amazing social features including regularly scheduled conference calls and webcasts. What is great about these calls and webcasts is that you can choose to simply listen or to take part in the call. They also offer nationality-specific calls on a regular basis. Other social features such as standard video chat, instant messaging, and e-mailing are all available as well. They offer a translation service, too, but it gets fairly expensive fairly quickly.

My favorite thing about this site is that they offer lots of tours. This means that the site itself will organize for you to meet the women you’ve been speaking with online. Of course this is an expensive trip but I love that they set everything up for you with tons of live support and customer service to help. AFA has been featured on tons of television shows because they set up these amazing tours that result in marriages and relationships.

The only thing that is a downside of AFA is that it is price. While it is free to join and even to search and browse through all the profiles, it is really expensive to actually connect. For example, the first month costs $95 but they still charge you $9 for the first e-mail you send to each woman. The translation services are excellent and they even have an express service for e-mail but they cost $9.99 per e-mail or $3.99 per minute on the phone. It adds up quickly.

Overall, AFA is wonderful. If you can afford to splurge a bit on finding your perfect foreign bride then it is entirely worth it. There are lots of fun features to explore and tons of amazing women. In fact, between 600 and 1200 new profiles are added each day. The search feature makes it simple to type in exactly what you€are looking for in a woman and the results will likely impress you in the same way that they impressed me. Since searching is free it is a win-win situation to try.

Joshua Evans

Joshua Evans

Evans is a professional US online dating website reviewer. He has tried many online dating websites. He knows the quality of each online dating website and can review the website from various aspects of the user. Hope people find the right international dating website with those reviews.

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