Hot Russian Women and Beauty Pageants in Russia

Miss Russia 2012 Beauty Pageant has just come to a close in Moscow on 3rd March, 2012, and the winner of the competition is Elizaveta Golovanova, the really beautiful and sexy Russian lady! Apart from Miss Russian Beauty pageant, there are still other kinds of beauty competitions in Russia and all of them can arouse thick interests and exciting emotions of the people especially the women. So let’s have a look at the former beauty winners and feel the passion of the Russian beauty pageants.
Miss Russia 2012, Elizaveta Golovanova  (Middle)

Miss Russia 2011, Natalia Gantimurova, from Moscow

Miss Russia 2010, Irina Antonenko

Why Russian women are so attractive?
Yeah! Their beauties are irresistible! Still remember the girl Alex (short for Alexandra) in the recent famous American television series NIKITA who acted as an hot and sexy Russian spy girl in the show? She did reflect some features of Russian ladies, like charming appearance and toughness in facing troubles. Maybe not all the Russian girls are models, pop stars or entertaiment figures, not stunning like the contestants above, but the majority of them really have charming and sexy appearance and hot body which seems to meet the standard of the dream woman for almost every male being, and what’s more, she is real in life and can be connected with in your life. Let’s have further understanding of these beautiful Russians.
1. Tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Most Russian singles generally look proud,  unapproachable and are difficult to deal with, however, that’s not right. Once you get to know them and gradually find that they are warm-hearted, active and true friends and would like to share things with you.
2. Caring about cleanliness and tidiness. They prefer to make sure everything in its right place orderly, keeping the house clean, tidy and comfortable to live in. And also they pay attention to their hair, dress and shoes, always managing to give people a refreshing look.
3. Forthright and sincere. They do not like hiding things and confess to friends. In contrast, they hope you are frank and tell no lie to them. Once they find out the fact that you are not honest or faithful, it is not easy for them to trust you again and the relationship would be damaged.
As a consequence, whether outside appearance or inside characters, the Russian ladies prove to be a charming date. And if you want to get a Russian girlfriend or bride, you’d move quick because they are so popular!

Kevin Watson

Kevin Watson

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