outlook Review outlook is located in Tver, Russia, that offers tours, visa support, and gifts. They claim to offer more personalized service for a client than any of their larger competitors. In fact, Be Happy is much closer to a matchmaking agency than a dating agency.

When you sign up for a tour with most of the big agencies you travel to Russia or the Ukraine from a European hub city, often Vienna, with anywhere from twenty-five to a hundred other guys. When you get to your destination the real highlight events are essentially dances often with five or six times more beautiful local girls than foreign men.

When you book a tour you tell them about what girls from their site you are interested in meeting and more generally what sort of women you are interested in. When you fly to Russia they send someone to pick you up and drive you back to the medium sized city of Tver.

If you are really serious about a woman you’ve been corresponding with and it works out great when you meet her then essentially Be Happy acts like your personal travel concierge. But, if the lady you traveled to meet was not the person you hoped she would be they really make a big effort to set you up with someone right for you.

Really, all of this is more like a high end matchmaking service than a dating site. They also do hold pre-arranged socials several times a year which are something like the events on some of the other companies romance tours, but it is essentially as an accessory to their primary service.

The web site is a model of organization compared to many of their larger competitors. One of the nicest things is that it looks like they have a personal relationship with the vast majority of their girls and that really helps keep scam artists under control.

So, if you are looking for a really high level of service or prefer remaining largely anonymous on your romance tour then Be Happy is certainly a great agency to consider.

Be Happy only cost $11.99 to buy two credits, or 100 credits for $299.00. It’s a model of simplicity. However, they make it absolutely clear that, “Personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are not allowed to be exchanged in letters.” So, their goal in the long run, like all of the agencies, is to sell you a tour, but at least they are up front with that piece of information.

Be sure and participate in their “Invite” a friend program, because if one of your friends joins your receive the same amount of credits as that person bought for free! This is a great deal if you have a friend interested in maybe doing the tour with you, because it could bring the cost down to as low as $1.00 a credit a piece if you and your wingman can work together.
The biggest problem with Be Happy for most guys is that it is essentially a local agency without the reach of the bigger companies. That means that you have to focus on ladies who live fairly close to Tever. Of course, there are many beautiful ladies in that region, but this leaves out the other 99.99% of beautiful Eastern European women.

Also, Be Happy is a Russian owned and operated company and that raises some serious concerns. We really prefer international dating agencies with major assets located in the United States, the European Union, Australia, or a similar jurisdiction where the threat of a law suit is a serious matter, and that is currently not the case in Russia. In fact, according to a most news reports on the subject the chances of a foreigner successfully suing Russians in a Russian court is currently very close to nil.

This is not to say that Be Happy is a scam agency, but given the large number of good sites based in more stable jurisdictions it is a consideration worth considering.

Joshua Evans

Joshua Evans

Evans is a professional US online dating website reviewer. He has tried many online dating websites. He knows the quality of each online dating website and can review the website from various aspects of the user. Hope people find the right international dating website with those reviews.

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