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Basic Russian Modes Of Social Interaction You Must Know When Dating Single Russian Girl

There are more single Russian girls than single Russian guys and Russian girls make good wives. If you do not have a search for Russian culture and Russian social interaction etiquette, you have got a difficult time dating your Russian love and meeting her family. So to avoid failure and embarrassment you should know some of them.

1 Addressing People
Russian people have always placed great importance to addressing when interacting with people just as people in many countries. Much more is involved in addressing father, mother, sister, brother and so on in everyday life. Generally, the names of Russian people are very long because the names include first name, last name and the family name of their father. And the name of Russian wife is even longer. After marriage, women remain their original name and add the family name of her husband.

Behave Well To Please Your Beautiful Russian Girlfriend And Her Family.
Behave Well To Please Your Russian Girlfriend And Her Family.

When speaking to elders and strangers, Russian people address them with their first name and patronymic that is the name after one’s father’s name. They also use formal pronouns. There is another form of address. It is very intimate and only used between close friends and family members.
2. Greeting
When travelling to meet your Russian girlfriend, you are bound to greet her Russian friends and family. How to greet? When you meet them for the first time, just shake hands firmly and make an eye contact. Don’t shake hands of women until they offer their hands. People who are close to each other will hug or have three kisses on the cheeks of women. Since you are new in Russia, you had better wait and let Russian people take the lead.

Are You Still Looking For Your Hot Russian Girl? Is This Your Russian Love? If Yes, Go For Her.
Are You Still Looking For Your Hot Russian Girl? Is This Your Russian Love? If Yes, Go For Her.

3. How To Behave In Public
Russian attach a lot to the politeness. When in public, behave well and politely. Better not show off your wealth. They look down upon those who like flaunting their money. Moreover, it is considered good manners not to draw attention on purpose.

Have A Nice Dinner With Your Hot Russian Girl And Her Family
Have A Nice Dinner With Your Hot Russian Girl And Her Family

4. Diet Etiquette
No matter where you are dining, dress well and smartly so that to show respect to other people. Don’t be late and don’t refuse the offer of vodka and other food. When you have enough food, leave little food on your plate to show that you are full. The last is to leave the table before you are asked.
Read those Russian social etiquettes carefully. If you can behave well in front of the friends, family members and relatives of your beautiful Russian bride, you have made a big stride on the way to your romantic Russian dating.

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